The 14th Iron Age Research Student Seminar (IARSS) schedule

Posted on May 15, 2011


Thursday, 26 May 2011

18.00: Evening reception at the Victoria Pub

Friday, 27 May 2011

9.00-10.00 Registration

10.00-10.10: Welcome

Session 1: Jody Joy (British Museum)
10.10-10.30: The Ornament of Beauty is Suspect: Women and Brooches in the Later Iron Age – Melissa Edgar

10.30-10.50: Beads, Torcs, and Brooches: Bodily Adornment in Iron Age Britain -Elizabeth Schech

10.50-11.10: Importance of Terms- What is a Wealth Deposit? -Ester Oras

11.10-11.30: Attic Vases from Vulci and Etruscan Gender Performance -Lucy Shipley

11.30-12.00: Discussion

12.00-13.00: LUNCH

Session 2: Ian Ralston (Edinburgh University)
13.00-13.20: Spatial Statistics and 14C-Dates: Modelling Intra-Site Spatial Dynamics of Urnfield Cemeteries in Belgium -Jeroen de Reu, Guy de Mulder, Mark van Strydonck, and Mathieu Boudin

13.20-13.40: Hillforts and their Connections in the Landscape: An Examination of the Hillforts of the Clwydian Range, their Intervisible Neighbours and their Environs -Erin Robinson

13.40-14.00: Scilly’s Iron Age: Some Considerations Regarding Connectivity -Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz

14.00-14.30: TEA BREAK

14.30-14.50: Living Traditions: Iron Age Dwelling Practices at Broxmouth and Beyond – Lindsey Büster

14.50-15.10: Prehistoric Logboats and the Cultural Landscapes of Inland Waters in Britain and Ireland -Panagiota Markoulaki

15.10-15.30: The Iron Age in West Central Scotland: Materiality and Settlement -Paul Murtagh

15.30-16.00: Discussion

18.00: Dinner followed by pub quiz at Shaheen’s Indian Restaurant (pre-register)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

9.00-10.00 Registration

Session 3: Rachel Pope (Liverpool University)
10.10-10.30: Roundhouses in Britanny and Normandy at the Iron Age: A British Heritage? -Céline Godard

10.30-10.50: Iron Age Settlements in the Sil Valley (León, Spain)- New Perspectives in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula through Landscape Archaeology and GIS -Patricia Aparicio Martínez

10.50-11.10: Thoughts on Forts: Iron Age Enclosures and their Locations in Wales -Chris Timmins

11.10-11.30: ‘A satiety of Roman Things…’: An Argument about the Significance of Wheeler’s Supposed Re-Orientation towards the Iron Age c.1934 -Colin Wallace

11.30-12.00: Discussion

12.00-13.00: LUNCH

13.00-13.30: Poster Session

Session 4: Tom Moore (Durham University)

13.30-13.50: Wealth in Sheep’s Clothing: Social Reproduction Across the Bronze Age/Iron Age Transition -Andy Tullett

13.50-14.10: Individuality, Power and Material Culture- the Case of the Necropolis of Numanica (Spain) -Manuel Sánchez-Elipe Lorente

14.10-14.30: The Hasdingian Vandals in the Upper Tisza Region – Invasion Horizon -Jan Bulas

14.30- 15.00: TEA BREAK

15.00-15.20: Faking it and Making it: the Materiality of Broxmouth Hillfort and Beyond – Mhairi Maxwell

15.20-15.40: The Interregnum in South-Eastern late Iron Age Britain- Attempting a New Assessment -Marta Fanello

15.40-16.00: Regional Patterning and the Cultural Implications of Iron Age Burial Practices in Central and Southern England -Nicole Roth

16.00-16.30: Discussion

16.30-16.40: Closing Remarks

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