Re-evaluating Iron Age maritime societies: the North West Iberian Peninsula

Posted on July 27, 2010


This is the abstract of my M.A. dissertation that is available now to download in pdf format at my About me page.

Given the importance of the maritime environment to the modern coastal communities of north-western Iberia, it is surprising that relatively little scholarly attention has been placed on reconstructing aspects of maritimity in the Late Prehistoric period. This has left us with large gaps in our knowledge – a trend that is particularly noticeable for the Iron Age. This study will therefore re-evaluate the evidence (both direct and indirect) that has been produced so far for the Iron Age, in order to explore the extent to which north-western Iberian societies were engaged with the maritime environment. In doing so, this study places a focus on the macro (based on global models of Atlantic and Mediterranean economic interaction) and micro approaches to the study (maritime exploitation from local, indigenous evidence) and stresses the fundamental importance of conducting more holistic studies that place a much greater degree of attention on the micro.

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